Texas hold ’em players can’t have fun with old-school poker

Way too often Texas hold ’em players get so involved in their game of choice, that they forget completely that this can be a very fun pastime as well. On the other hand it is virtually impossible to shift from what you regard as a way of living to a hobby, and sometimes it is not even a wise choice. An alternative for those who want to rediscover the fun of playing poker, without compromising their bankroll and making it hard to return to professional play is playing some old-school poker.


Many years before Texas hold ’em took the leading role both in land-based and online casinos, draw poker was the one who reigned supreme. Even now there are plenty of players all over the world who are very familiar with the rules and play it for fun, so it shouldn’t be a problem in finding worthy opponents. What is more challenging is finding an online poker room that still offers draw poker, and has a healthy ratio of players of all skill levels.

Once you find yourself such a poker company, it is recommended to start playing for virtual currency to get accustomed with the rules and the fast-paced action. Appealing as it might be, the idea of discarding some of your cards to get another chance at improving your hand, it poses specific problems. For starters, the game is made more erratic and it is harder to read your opponents and make an educated guess when placing a wager. Luck plays a larger role and so do the stakes, which explains why it is recommended not to jump heads forward by playing on real money.

The rules of the game are very easy to pick up and once you get the hang of it, draw poker can be every bit as exciting as Texas hold ’em. The fact that chance plays a large role, makes it more difficult for people to grind and built a sizable bankroll from scrap. If we are to compare it with the more popular counterparts such as Texas hold ’em or Omaha poker, then it is impossible to mention that draw poker is subject to higher variation.

This makes it even more obvious why setting up a bankroll is paramount before playing regardless of stakes, as this is the only way of avoiding lengthy downswings. The rules are fairly simple but the strategy can be pretty complicated, given the fact that it needs to be adjusted frequently based on your opponents. Players need to stay flexible and fully focused on what their opponents are doing, to get a better picture about what type of hands they are drawing for.

Even though the proverbial poker face is still going to help a lot at real money tables, with the action shifting online it is more important to extract information based on the players’ actions. Paying attention to how they react to aggression is going to help on both short-term and on the long run, because players frequently tend to overplay their whole cards. One thing that you need to keep in mind before giving draw poker chance is that the game favors players who have a larger stack in front of them.

Kansas cracks down on internet gambling

Just when American poker players thought that the authorities are ready to cut them some slack and allow online poker to return, Kansas State Senate struck a devastating blow to the community. It looks like the authorities in the state are ready to go against what appears to be a trend, by passing a new amendment to a law aimed at banning Internet gambling in all its forms. The case is presented in details in an article at http://pokerfuse.com/news/law-and-regulation/kansas-senate-looks-to-ban-online-gambling-03-04/.


Elsewhere, states such as Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey made significant progress in the process of legalizing online gambling, but Kansas does the opposite. In order to reinforce existing legislation, the Senators chose to pass an amendment that better describes and incriminates all types of online gambling. For starters, the action of wagering over the Internet is now regarded a Class B nonperson misdemeanor and perpetrators risk spending six months in jail and/or pay a fine of $1000.

Some suspect that Kansas House Bill 2055 was passed in an attempt to further consolidate the position of local land based casinos. By banning all types of gambling statewide except for the lottery that is ran by the authorities, the Kansas State Senate creates or at least strengthens a monopoly. The concise amendment doesn’t change much in the law, but accurately describes all types of gadgets and machines that can be used for wagering online.

Players expose themselves to the same risks by using a computer or any mobile device capable to connect to the Internet and support online gambling platforms. The amendment passed with 26 votes in favor and only 11 senators were against the motion, with the champion of these amendments being the Republican senator Jacob LaTurner. It is uncertain which are his interests, but the fact that he represents an area where smaller casinos are scheduled to open their doors could serve as an indicator.

The same senator and the group he represents favors the lowering of the minimum amounts required for gambling investments to $50 million. Right now they are more than four times higher and if this amendment passes, smaller operators would have an easier mission in entering the otherwise competitive market. Not only online poker is targeted by the recent changes in the law, but also regular slot machines which are suspected to be next in line. So far the Senators were less successful in passing HB 2055, with 20 of them voting against and only 17 in favor.