David Rheem wins first place at World Poker Tour Championship

David Rheem is one of the poker players who only recently turned pro, but he made giant leaps forward over a relatively short period of time. He bought in for one of the most important poker tournaments in May and won more than $1 million, while defeating Erick Lindgren at the heads-up. It took him a long time to claw his way up to the top, but in the end he made it to the final table where he found himself in select company. Jonathan Roy, Brandon Steven, David Peters, Erick Lindgren and Matt Hyman were waiting for him there, with all of them having smaller stacks in front of them.

David Rheem wins first place at World Poker Tour Championship

Erick Lindgren was favorite to win the tournament, due to the fact that had the second largest stack while being the most experienced player. His hopes were crushed by Jonathan Roy in the first hour of play, with his opponent stripping him of a sizable amount of his chips. Even so the Swedish player remained on the third place and he didn’t fall behind, despite the fact that he stayed out of most significant hands. Jonathan on the other hand was quite aggressive and this strategy worked like a charm against David Peters.

His opponent was overconfident and called the all in with a pair of tens, but unfortunately for him Roy’s hand was slightly better. David missed out on both opportunities of improving his hand to a straight or a set, adding his chips to Jonathan’s impressive stack. Brandon Steven was not much luckier even though it looked like that when the dealer gave him the straight flush on the flop. Jonathan ended up with a better hand and after eliminating him, he focused his attention on Matt Hyman.

His opponent was presented with no choice when Jonathan went all in with a pair of aces, because he had been dealt pocket Kings. It goes without saying that Roy’s luck remained intact and he sent a fourth player out of the race while pushing the game in three-handed play. David Rheem was still the chip leader, which was quite an achievement given the fact that he didn’t play any large pots so far.

He eventually played a massive hand against Jonathan and once again bystanders assumed that Roy was going to win the hand with a set of eights on the flop. The river changed everything when Rheem called with nuts flush and these new chips making the uncontested leader when heads-up began. Eric Lindgren played as well as he could as an underdog, and avoided several situation in which he could’ve gone bust. With the blinds rising at an alarming rate, he had no choice but to go all in with Q-9, only to lose his entire stack to Rheem who also had a nine with a King as kicker.

Victor Sbrissa wins Latin American Poker Tour Brazil Main Event

Poker Stars is the one hosting the largest live poker tournament held in South America every year, and this time it was Victor Sbrissa’s time to emerge victorious. He clawed his way to victory in a highly competitive field of 700 players and was crowned the winner of the Latin American Poker Tour Brazil Main Event. This performance brought him $255,400 and confirmed his status as one of the most successful young tournament poker players worldwide.

Victor Sbrissa wins Latin American Poker Tour Brazil Main Event

With hundreds of players buying in for $4000, the total prize pool set a new record for South America and the ones who made it to the final table were overwhelmed by pressure. Daniel Murta, Rafael Pardo and Leonardo Brescia managed it quite well as they finished on the second, third and fourth place and received amounts exceeding or revolving around $100,000. After a rather long tournament, the final table was decided much sooner than players expected it to be, for the benefit of Victor Sbrissa.

The eventual winner was not very active in the first minutes and it was the duel between Marco Ximenes and Thiago Grigoletti that caused the elimination of Thiago. Fernandez was among the favorites to win the Latin American Poker Tour Brazil Main Event after bringing the largest chip stack at the final table but he was Ximenes’s next victim. His lucky virtually ran out to and the decision of going all in with pocket sixes proved to be fatal as he ran into Queens and the board was unfavorable.

Daniel Murta started with few chips in front of him but he doubled up on Ximenes and then send Akkari reeling, as his opponent had to go all in with a mediocre hand. Blinds were already very high at this stage and players had little space to maneuver, which explains why so many players were eliminated in a brief period of time. Leonardo Brescia dominated the second part of the final table and amassed enough chips to finish on the fourth place but he stood no chance against Victor Sbrissa.

The winner of the tournament doubled up with a pair of eights and held onto his advantage, eliminating both Pardo and Murta. By the time the heads-up began, Sbrissa had simply aren’t too many chips for Daniel to overtake him and he simply cruised to victory in a couple of hands.