Jesse Martin wins Event 43 at the WSOP

Winning a World Series of Poker tournament is something that poker players are entitled to be proud of, but Jesse Martin has additional reasons. He was pitted against some of the best players in the world and a couple of them made it to Day 3, not to mention that he had to win a heads up against David Baker. This is the player who won the event three years ago but at the end of the day what really matters is that Jesse emerged victorious and won a quarter of a million in addition to the WSOP bracelet.


He was not the chip leader or even among the top placed players when the games resumed, but he steadily increased his stack. Early in the day, Hennigan was eliminated after going all in against Konstantin Puchkov and the remaining six players were reluctant to take any chances. Instead of trying to make a decisive move, they chose not to jeopardize their chips and simply waited for others to commit the mistake. Jeff Lisandro and Jon Turner were the first to be sent to the rail and soon after two other players follow them, leaving Puchkov, Baker and marketing to compete for the golden bracelet.

The 2010 champion was the one to eliminate Jeffrey Sandro, while John Turner fell to Puchkov, who had a decently high stack during three-handed play. Sadly for him his luck ran out completely at this stage of the tournament and Jesse Martin was the main beneficiary. He won consecutive pots against him and in the end eliminated him from Event 43, setting the stage for an epic confrontation. The size of the stack proved to be more important than experience and Martin needed only 9 hands to deal with David Baker.

Jarred Graham prevails at Event 31 at World Series of Poker

Day 3 saw only 14 players returning to compete for the main prize and the gold bracelet awarded at Event #31: $1,500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-low 8-or-Better. Jarred Graham was already free rolling after winning some incredibly lucky pots earlier in the tournament, but at the beginning of the day he had the short stack. This is hardly the ideal situation for a player at the World Series of Poker, but Jarred was determined to make the most of it and results speak for themselves.

2013 World Series of Poker

Knowing that the blinds were high and growing at an accelerated pace, Graham wasted no moment and made sure that he went all in each time he got proper hands. His courage caught some of his opponents off guard and he got to increase the size of his stack without actually committing his chips. When he actually had to wait for the dealer to reveal the river card, Jarred had strong hands and he doubled up several times. Among his victims were Derkowski who was among the first to leave the tournament.

Immediately after his elimination, four more players were sent to the rail including David Brooker, Stephen Johnson, Andy Seth and Matt Randolph. The remaining nine players were sat down at the final table and the first victim was Perry Green, the former chip leader and a three-time World Series of poker bracelet winner. It was only suitable for him to get busted after a confrontation with Barry Greenstein, another highly experienced poker player.

Greenstein took the lead at the final table and sent a couple of players home, and it looked like he was cruising towards another WSOP bracelet. Eric Rodawig, Loni Harwoon and Gabriel Blumenthal lasted a bit longer but not long enough and immediately after they were eliminated, Noomis Jones share their fate. Three handed play began with Greenstein being the chip leader and Graham and Marco Johnson struggling to stay afloat but things changed quickly for Barry and he left the tournament in the third place.

Jarred Graham was the one to eliminate him and got all his chips, which gave him a comfortable lead over Marco Johnson. Despite his best efforts, his opponent was powerless in overcoming the deficit and had to settle for the second place while Jarred took home $255,000 and the World Series of Poker jewelry. Find out more about his story and one of recent WSOP winners at