Poker Stars celebrates milestone with Carnival of Tournaments

freeinternetcasNot many poker companies can brag about hosting 100 million tournaments, and nobody but PokerStars can celebrate its 800 millionth tournament. It comes as no surprise that they chose to mark the occasion with a huge tournament that features not only generous prize pools, but also money awarded in the form of giveaways to participants. tells the story of the upcoming tournament and provides players with the impetus to tag along.

For a full week, a string of tournaments will run live at PokerStars and not surprisingly, the highlight will be the Main Event scheduled for Sunday. The Carnival of Tournaments promises to award many prizes of $100,000 and just as much money in the form of giveaways, to be distributed among players in the first two hours of the tournament. There are not many opportunities of winning thousands of dollars without actually increasing the size of your stack, and the awarding process is absolutely random.

At least in theory, poker players need to do nothing more than to survive the first two hours of play to keep their hopes of winning a major prize alive. The main event has a buy-in of $109 and the amount itself is not prohibitive even for those who are not usually playing in tournaments. The very idea of being a part of this special moment when PokerStars celebrates the 800 millionth tournament is a solid reason to join the Carnival of Tournaments.

Many poker professionals have announced their intention of sitting down at the tables, if not for the money than at least for the satisfaction being a part of something memorable. PokerStars will also award a plethora of branded merchandise to all those who win one of the side events that are a part of the Carnival of Tournaments. The poker company has even released a list of tournaments that run on a daily basis and the corresponding payouts for those who emerge victorious. This is the list in a nutshell:

13:10 – $55 Red Spade Open ticket
13:20 – $215 cash prize plus your buy-in
13:30 – PokerStars Citizen watch
13:40 – $215 Sunday Million ticket
13:50 – $55 Red Spade Open ticket
14:00 – PokerStars PC 360 headphones
14:10 – $109 Sunday Kickoff ticket
14:20 – Ten $11 Sunday Storm tickets
14:30 – PokerStars chip set
14:40 – $55 Red Spade Open ticket
14:50 – Porsche Design Sunglasses & Pen
15:00 – $700 PCA satellite ticket

Jack Cody explains the importance of routine

Jack Cody explains the importance of routineVeteran poker players and rookies alike know how important it is to feel comfortable at the poker table, but for the latter this remains an elusive goal. Whether they are too stressed about the prospect of losing money or fear that their competitors are above their skill level, they fail to stay in the comfort zone. As a result, most of them are exhausted at the end of the poker session and those who compete in tournaments fade away in the latter stages.

Jack Cody has a wealth of experience in both live and online events and has proved his prowess at cash games and tournaments alike. This makes him an excellent role model for beginners and his advice is worth considering, especially when he talks about the importance of routine. The British poker player was present in Las Vegas earlier this year and competed for a World Series of Poker bracelet but unfortunately this coveted piece of jewelry eluded him.

He claims that a reasonable schedule with plenty of exercise and time spent away from the poker table will eventually increase your effectiveness. This probably doesn’t make a lot of sense for grinders, who are used to spending most of the day playing poker, but if you take into account all the stressful factors of live tournaments, Cody’s his advice is golden. Jack made the cash in several of the tournaments he played at the WSOP but despite the Spartan schedule he didn’t suffer from fatigue and his name was not impaired

Now that the action has cooled off on the North American continent, Cody will travel back home to Leeds where he prepares for the WCOOP. The reason for why he does this instead of traveling to Mexico or Canada is that he feels much more comfortable playing from his apartment instead of being on the road. Jack claims that even the coziest hotel room won’t do the trick as it doesn’t come even close to playing from the comfort of your home.

Those who are wondering why he isn’t staying in the United States, should remember the fact that online gambling is prohibited within borders. Given the fact that the WCOOP is played exclusively over the Internet, it should be self-evident why Cody chose not to take any chances. He emphasized the importance of diminishing stress and one can only imagine how stressful it is to compete in a major tournament while knowing that you are breaking the law.