Chris Hunichen from Costa Rica wins $100k at PokerStars Super Tuesday

supertuesdayThe most important tournament of the week for PokerStars members is the Sunday Millions, but there is an increasing interest for the Super Tuesday event. As the number of people who buy in regularly is on the rise, so are the prizes and this week it was the time for a player from Costa Rica to emerge victorious. He had to overcome a field of 564 players, including some professionals and players who made a deep run in other prestigious tournaments hosted by the aforementioned poker company.

One of them is Peter “twirlpro” Turmezy, a fast rising star and PokerStars and the one who won more than $200,000 last weekend in the Sunday Million. Once again he made a deep run but was stopped in his tracks before collecting a sizable amount and had to settle for the 71st place. The remaining players took their time and the tournament lasted four more hours, with action being taken to the next level when final table started. The winner, whose profile is available at was also among the active players who caused a string of eliminations.

At this stage it was known that the winner would win slightly above $100,000, an amount that was definitely worth fighting for almost 10 hours. When the final table was set, Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen had the second deep stack, behind the Mexican player who goes by the name of Joe “floes” Serock. The two of them were favorites to win the event, but only Chris was still in the game when three handed play began. Furthermore, he had so many chips accumulated at this point, that his rivals had virtually no chance of fighting their way back.

The player from Costa Rica playing overly aggressive as soon as the final table commenced and caused two elimination in a row. With five players left in the race, most of them were secretly hoping for Hunichen to do all the hard work and eliminate their rivals, which explains how it was possible for him to consolidate his chip leading position. When heads-up began he had 10 times more chips than “Nur1ck” from Australia, but his opponent didn’t falter. Eventually the difference in chips couldn’t be undone and the two players took a leap of faith with a mediocre hand and Chris got lucky on the turn.

  1. Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen – $103,740
  2. Nur1ck – $76,440
  3. Andre Belus – $55,965
  4. Carter Widler – $42,588
  5. Joe “floes” Serock – $30.030
  6. CaLLitARUSH – $23,205
  7. zwuerbs – $17,745
  8. Jonathan Concepción – $12,285
  9. Doug*Dutra – $9,063

Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom take nosebleed limits by storm

blom1The two poker players, had different trajectories this year, with the Dane losing around 8 millions, while the Swede won a couple of millions. Overall, Hansen is more successful at live tables, but over the Internet there is no question about which player would have the upper hand in a heads-up game. In fact, the four of them met several times at nosebleed limits and in the vast majority of cases Gus left empty-handed, while Viktor celebrated his six digit profits.

November has been a fairly good month for Hansen, who finally won back-to-back sessions and completely offset the losses suffered in October. In the great scheme of things though, these profits are insignificant, because in the first half of 2013, Gus lost a couple of millions. With no major tournament won in the last two years and his profits at live tables also dwindling, some are inclined to speculate that soon enough Hansen will be unable to withstand these losses.

Blom doesn’t have to worry about things like these, at least not yet, because his own slide in September is over and he is back on track. Among the few players who caused him significant losses last month were Phil Galfond and Kagome Kagome but this happened mostly because Viktor insisted to play at no limit tables. He is a decent player in Texas hold ’em no limit, but the Swede is no longer among the best in the world, which explains why he suffered significant losses at these tables.

The good news is that he dominated Omaha and triple draw games and was largely responsible for the sizable losses suffered by Alexander Kostritsyn and Denoking. The two poker players are reeling and even though they’ve lost a lot of money to other players, Viktor was their nemesis lately. At nosebleed limits, things change from day to day and sometimes during the course of the same day, as poker professionals line up several sessions in a row, with just a couple of hours of break.

Kagome Kagome and KPR16 caused him major losses in the second half of the month, but only because Viktor played for too many hours in a row. If we’d had a chart of Blom’s dips in profitability, we’d notice that most of the losing sessions happened in the early hours of the day. By contrast, Gus Hansen frequently offsets losses suffered throughout the night in the final hands of morning sessions.