Tri Nguyen releases a new book for NLHE and PLO players

There are not many poker players out there, willing to spend money on a book, not today when information is available online. Many choose the easy and less expensive way out, more precisely reading forums, watching videos and navigating through the myriad forum posts. While some believe that there is no point in spending money on a book, there are plenty who see the value of such a purchase and for these people, Tri Nguyen’s latest release is a must-have title.

The poker professional made a name for himself at Texas hold ’em tables, but eventually decided to give Omaha poker a chance. It is only fair to say that results exceed expectations, but Nguyen had to overcome a lot of adversity to become just as skilled at both games. With a wealth of experience and results that speak for themselves, he has written a book that goes by the name of The Pot-Limit Omaha Book: Transitioning From NLHE to PLO.

The name is self-intuitive, but those who are asked to pay $375 for the book, are interested in learning more about how the information between its covers can help them elevate their game. The good news is that despite its steep price tag, the book has tremendous value for those who are familiar with one game but contemplate the possibility of shifting to the other. It helps knowing the rules and the core mechanics of Texas hold ’em if you plan on moving to Omaha, but there are also plenty of unforeseen obstacles.

The author undertook a lot of research and combined it with practical experience, to come with conclusions that are supposed to help players avoid the most common mistakes. Some might complain that the information available for beginners is rather shallow, while the author focuses mostly on helping experienced players get an edge over their competitors. It is partially true that beginners will need to gain some practical experience while watching some video tutorials to fully understand what this book teaches.

Those who take Omaha poker seriously and are not afraid to compete at Texas hold ’em limits either, would be wise to spend $375 for this book. The sizable investment should have a deterring effect on players, because on the long run the book will pay for itself and turn them into competitive poker players.

Hippodrome Casino teams ups with PokerStars Live in 2014

freeinternetPoker tournament organizers made sure that those interested will hear the news without delay and Hippodrome Casino were among the first to release key dates about the upcoming tournaments. The popular brick-and-mortar casino teamed up with the biggest online poker operator, to host the PokerStars Live series. This is supposed to consist of a string of tournaments hosted throughout the month, and if the popularity of the event meets expectations it will probably be pushed deep in 2014.

January is a special month for those who buy in for Hippodrome Casino as they will get to play for two hours without paying rake, which translates into more money going to the winner’s pockets. Each week, the tournaments will start on Sunday and last for four days, with the final hand to be dealt on Wednesday night. There are plenty of games to choose from and different stakes for those who prefer to compete at cash games tables, including pot limit Omaha, Texas hold ’em and draw poker.

The highlight of the week is the Weekly DeepStack scheduled for Sunday at 2:30 PM, which has the biggest buy-in, but also the most generous payouts. Compared to regular events that have players start with 10,000 chips and blinds increase every 20 min., the Sunday tournament is played at a slightly slower pace. Just as the name suggests, players will start with a deep stack, more precisely 20,000 chips and the blinds will only go up every half an hour.

On Monday at 7 PM, the NLH Double Chance is scheduled while the very next day at the same hour players can compete in a Pot Limit Omaha tournament. Last but definitely not least, poker players who visit the Hippodrome Casino on Wednesday evening, can compete in the special Win The Button tournament starting at 7 PM.

While it is willing to embrace new projects and advance in different directions, PokerStars remains faithful to its plethora of online tournaments. There are plenty of competitions scheduled for 2014 and their members can also book a seat at live tournaments by winning satellites. A shining example are the £250+£25 UKIPT events that can be attended by players who invest no more than $1 or even qualify as a result of winning freerolls. The fact that many players who made the final tables of prestigious tournaments and even prevailed, came from qualifiers, is an excellent incentives to follow this path.