Vanessa Selbst claims 3rd WSOP bracelet and POY lead

Good things come in bundles and Vanessa Selbst can definitely confirm this theory, as her victory at the World Series of Poker had a two-pronged effect. The obvious one was that she claimed her third bracelet and a significant paycheck in the process, the other one was that as a result of winning the tournament she consolidated her position at the top of the POY.

Vanessa Selbst

This is a leaderboard ran by the Global Poker Index which celebrates the most successful live tournament players, so the WSOP made a significant impact on the standings. Vanessa was always within striking distance from the leader, but her victory at in Las Vegas made it possible to leapfrog the pack and she now sits on the highest place.

Only time will tell whether she will get to consolidate his position or if the runner-up will make an impressive comeback in the upcoming months. For the time being the PokerStars Team Pro has plenty of reasons to be optimistic about what the future will bring, since she is still active at the World Series of Poker. There are plenty more bracelets to claim and money to be won, not to mention the points that would accumulate and improve her chances of dominating the leaderboard.

She sat down at the tables of the Event 2 – $25k mixed Max NLHE which has a significant prize pool and of course, plenty of competitive players. By the time the final table was reached, Selbst was certain to win a six digit amount due to her healthy stack, but the first prize of $871,000 was what she was aiming for. In total, she won in excess of $10 million in live tournaments alone, which is an impressive figure that few many players can brag about.

Her performance at the World Series of Poker comes as no surprise, since Vanessa is quite familiar with the intensity of this competition. The runner-up gave her a run for her money but in the end he had to settle for a bit over $500,000, an amount that would make many poker players blush with envy. It was a nice finish for Jason Mo and an even better one for Selbst who hit two birds with one stone and should be very difficult to overthrow at the top of the Player of the Year leaderboard.