Bertrand Grospellier talks about the life of poker pros

The difference between appearance and reality is considerable in all circumstances, but this is especially true when it comes to the glamorous life of poker professionals. From outside, it looks like these people have no worries in the world and they can do whatever they like, whenever they like it. The idea of not having a day job and enough money to fulfill all your dreams is obviously appealing, but Bertrand Grospellier offers a different perspective.

Bertrand GrospellierHe knows what he’s talking about, as he has been playing poker professionally for more than a decade, after quitting another lucrative career. As a teenager, he was among the best StarCraft players in the world and won a decent amount of money by outshining competitors in this videogame. Shifting to poker was a logical step forward and he has been playing ever since, while being more or less successful.

The first few years were difficult and this is something that many aspiring poker players need to prepare for, as not all of them make is too far. Elky was somewhat fortune to survive the initial downswings and his perseverance kept him afloat, long enough for him to score his big win in 2004. The next two years were remarkable and Bertrand was always within striking distance of the best players worldwide.

Not surprising, he attends most of the European poker tour events and he made it a priority to participate in the Deauville tournament. He didn’t win any side events and he was rather disappointing in the main event, but these shortcomings didn’t have a deterring effect on the Frenchman. He confessed that as a poker professional, you need to put things into perspective so you don’t get sidetracked from your real priorities. This is a mistake that many poker players commit and many never realize the danger.

One of the recommendation that Grospellier makes to fellow players is to enjoy their lifestyle and keep in mind the fact that poker is not the only thing that matters. If you get involved in different projects and even become preoccupied with charitable events, it is less likely to get fully absorbed by poker.

This doesn’t mean that the game should ever be relegated to a hobby status, because the moment you stop thinking of it as a day job, you are bound to fail. The years made Bertrand wiser and his advice is worth following by those who one day hope to walk in his footsteps.