Black Jack Edge

blackjackBlack jack is one of the most well known and well loved casino games. It is also one of the few casino games where it is possible for a gambler to gain an edge over the casino by using techniques such as card counting. This article will focus on black jack card counting. If you want to know more about black jack in general I recommend a visit to

Counting card when playing black jack is not illegal, you are simply using math to improve your odds. It is however frowned upon by the casinos who want to maintain their edge. Casinos frequently ban gamblers for counting card. Many casinos use a joint database over card counters and if you get banned at one casino you often get banned at all of them. If you have been listed as a card counter you will not be allowed to enter any casino using that database.

There are several different systems to count cards while playing black jack. All systems do however work in a similar way and are designed to let the gambler know when the cards in the deck are to his advantage.

Many people only know card counting from TV show and movies. This often give them the wrong idea about card counting. TV often depicts card counting like an almost magical ability that allow you to know exactly which card is going to fall next. This is very far from reality. When counting cards when playing black jack you never know what the next card is going to be. That is not the purpose of counting cards. What card counting does is that it tell you when the cards left in the deck is favorable to the black jack player. The player do not know whether he is going to win a certain hand or not. All the black jack player knows is that the deck offers him an edge over the bank. Just like the casino know that the edge in a casino game will allow the casino to win money over time even if they loose the next hand. The player know that the content of the deck favors him and that he is going to win money over time if he keeps playing when the deck favors him.

Casinos are always trying to develop black jack techniques that make it impossible to count cards. Such techniques includes using card shufflers that reshuffles the card between each deal making sure that all cards are always in play. Thereby making sure that the deck always favor the casino.