Free spins

Free spins is exactly what it says. You get a number of spins for free on a casino slot that give you the same oportunity to win cash as if you placed a bet yourself. Why do you get it and how do you best benefit from it? Lets find out!

Why do i get free spins?

free spinsOnline casinos use free spins to attract new players to their games. You get to play for free and still get the excitement of having the chance to win alot of money. You do have to register and open an account to be able to use the free spins and in some cases you need to do a small deposit as well. It´s also very common that you get a number of free spins on regular basis when you play on a online casino, just to give you the oportunity to try a new game without placing a bet from your own bankroll. Free spins is a good reason why you can benefit from having accounts on several casinos. If you for instance have 5 different accounts, you get lots of free spins every week. Many online casinos get their games from the same game developers, which means that you can often use your free spins on the same game even if you play on different casinos. Read more about free spins and find casinos that offer this bonus.

Use free spins wisely

Free spins should be used to get a good start at a game. It allways takes a few spins before you get an idéa of how the game works, what makes you win and what all the images means on the slot wheels. You will also get a feeling of how much money you should bet on each spin and what coin value you should set when you start playing with your own money. The free spins should be used to get a kind of training so when you have used all your free spins, you can continue playing on a level that suits your bankroll and wallet. The sum of all this is that you save money on free spins.