The biggest play money pot won at Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker is the place where highrollers frequently come together to compete for huge amounts and there is no shortage of professionals at nosebleed limits. As compared to other poker rooms, these prominent tables always see plenty of action, with the downswings being ample. Since this poker room was acquired by PokerStars, the number of customers also increased and this applies to both those who compete exclusively at cash tables and those who prefer to play for virtual currency.freeinter

In order to keep the latter wired to their poker services, Full Tilt Poker announced that it plans on boosting the play money community. As more players jump on the bandwagon, the number of virtual currency in circulation also increased, which explains how it was possible for six players to compete for a pot in excess of $1 billion. Even though this is nothing more than play money, the simple fact that the six players got to amass so many chips is impressive.

What usually happens is that those who choose play money are doing so in an attempt of getting used to the game and quickly make the transition to real currency. Apparently, the six players took the game very seriously, because when the winner of the hand was decided, a player using the nickname “1shini” took down a 10 digit figure. The winning hand was a high flush that took opponents by surprise, while allowing this player to set a personal record.

Play money are awarded to players from the very beginning, so those who set up an account will receive 1000 chips right away without strings attached. Those who end up losing the initial bankroll are provided with 1000 more and the cycle goes on and on, indefinitely. The only problem is that there are many who don’t take the game seriously unless there is a stake, which explains why the poker room decided to make it possible for players to purchase virtual currency with real money.

The conversion rate is $1.99 for 200,000 chips and $199.99 for 100 million chips, an amount that many find it worth to pay. At a first glance it might look like buying virtual currency with real money would defeat the purpose, but there is a reason for why some players do it. Those who are willing to invest in play money will also do their best when playing on virtual currency, which means that the experience can be both educative and challenging.